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A Local Twist on Oahu, Hawaii

A guide through the island, Oahu, Hawaii, from a local's perspective. Immerse yourself in the Hawaiian culture, and stay away from the crowds.

hiking in hawaii

Where To Eat

When it comes to food, I don't mess around.

Hawaii is home to the brightest, freshest, and most colorful cuisine on earth. Expect to take a step out of your comfort zone as you encounter exotic dishes including mouthwatering shrimp tacos, fresh caught sushi, and flavorful poke bowls.

My Favorite Local Food

Jenny's Shrimp Truck- This hidden gem is park on the north shore. I highly recommend you grab the spicy garlic shrimp then head to the west side beaches. You'll be served by no other than Jenny herself and sometimes even greeted by the whole family.

Somi Somi- Enjoy the best ice cream on the island! Each ice cream flavor is served in a fish-shaped bubble cone. Try the bright purple ube soft serve, a flavor native to Hawaii.

Button Up Cafe- If you're interested in the best breakfast spot in town, stop by the Button Up Cafe! To satisfy that sweet tooth, try the ube stuffed french toast, one of Hawaii's most popular dishes, you won't be disappointed.

Cafe Kalapawai- Support local and try this farm to table restaurant. The freshest and most tasteful ingredients accompany each dish.

What is Ube? (Pronounced ooh-beh)

The ube is a purple yam originating in the Philippines. It's sweet, mellow taste is similar to a sweet potato but with a hint of vanilla flavor. This trendy root vegetable is common in the Hawaiian Islands and known for its bright purple color.

Best Hiking Trails

Breathe in the fresh pacific breeze and smell the tropical Hawaiian flowers.

Take in the most breathtaking views without any interruption. Finding the secret local hiking trails can be difficult for a tourist, but this local insight will give you the best views to share solely with your friends and family.

My Favorite Hidden Hikes

Crouching Lion- This hike is short, but intense as you climb a steep uphill terrain until you reach the top. If it has rained the day before, I suggest picking a more dry day to climb and avoiding this hike during the winter rain season.

Kuliou'ou Ridge- Take in breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean as you explore Oahu from a higher perspective. If you're scared of heights, this one is not for you.

Upper Makua Cave- Explore caves and caverns on top of a lush green mountain. Views will never disappoint.

Lulumahu Falls- Swim under waterfalls and inside cave pools with the peaceful jungle surrounding you.

Old Pali Road- This trail is easy to hike, family friendly, and beautiful every step of the way.

Local Gems

Support local by attending the Island's farmers' markets and visiting hidden beaches.

Crowded beaches in Hawaii are extremely common so finding the less-touristy spots can significantly improve your vacation experience. Stop by a local farmers market before the beach to grab fresh food and gifts for your loved ones.

Beaches and Markets

Kailua Farmers' Market- This small farmers' market has the best local artists, food, and gifts for the whole family. The market is set in a valley with breathtaking mountain views in the background.

Yokohama Bay- A great getaway from the tourists and the crowds. The locals come to this beach to fish and enjoy quiet time with their families.

Electric Beach- One of the best spots on the island for snorkeling. Pacific waters host the most exotic and colorful fish, a must see when vacationing here.

West Side- The tourists stay primarily on the east side of the island, so the west side is the place to be for quiet beaches and local hidden gems.

Exercise Aloha

Keeping up with traditional Hawaiian phrases is vital in fitting into local life.

"Mahalo"- Thank you

"Shoots"- Got it!

"Da-kine"- The thing

"Ola i Ka Wai"- Water is life


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