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8 Best Restaurants in Tulum

There is so much to eat and see here - I wish I had more time to go everywhere as there are so many amazing restaurants! If you eat on the hotel zone on the beach, be prepared to pay a pretty penny for most dining experiences. For cheap eats, head into town! However you want to experience Tulum, check out my favorite spots!

Villa Las Estrellas - This hotel meets relaxed beach club actually has a charming little restaurant with great food with great prices (for the beach at least). Check out their social media to see if they're running any deals - we were able to catch a day with 2 for 1 margaritas.

My recommendations: Shrimp Tacos & Strawberry Margarita

Posada Margherita - This was my favorite place in Tulum. Low key, great food, and seating on the beach. This reminded me of being inside a Mamma Mia movie. Reminder: they're cash only. My recommendations: Margherita Pizza, Al Pomodoro, homemade gelato

Casa Jaguar - This restaurant was very expensive, but the food was awesome and the atmosphere made you feel truly immerse in the jungle.

My recommendations: The Catch of the Day and Cazula de Kastacan

Ilios - I LOVED this place for late night drinks and appetizers. The food was amazing (Greek) and the vibe is so fun. They had ABBA remixes playing with sparklers and everyone dances around the restaurant. At the end of the night, they let everyone break plates into a giant crate and scream "OPA!"

My recommendations: Petit Gyros (we only had appetizers)

IT - We went here for an early brunch and for a night out and both were amazing. Really beautiful surroundings with a small cenote in the center of the restaurant and we had the whole place to ourselves for the morning which was magical. At night they have a list of rotating DJ's, but the group we saw were called The Witches, which I guess are really popular in Tulum.

Raw Love - Surprisingly, many of the hundred of people who wait in line at the entrance every day to take a photo miss out on what's within! This small "hippies paradise" is full of colorful hammocks, jungle surroundings, and great smoothie bowls and snacks.

My recommendations: Avocado Toast

Burrito Amor - Everyone talks about this place, and for good reason. It's SUPER cheap (not being on the beach helps) and the food is amazing. If we had stayed in town we would have eaten here more.

My recommendation: Shrimp Burrito

Mr. Shmokey - This was just a little BBQ food stand on the beach next to a gelato stand, but it was our favorite mid-day snack. Everything we got here was amazing and really cheap.

My recommendation: NY style hot dog & parmesan truffle fries.

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