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The Best National Parks in the United States

Indulge in the great outdoors and find a new sense of appreciation for America’s National Park System. There are currently 62 national parks throughout the US, so we put together a list of 5 must-sees to help you narrow it down.

1. Yellowstone

Sprawling over Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho is America’s first national park. Yellowstone is accessible for all travelers, whether that means you prefer a scenic drive or a more difficult hike. Yellowstone is also gorgeous in all seasons and weather, so there’s no wrong time to get out and explore it.

Check out this guide by Thrillist for all the details and info you could ever need about Yellowstone.

2. Zion

Although not as accessible as Yellowstone, you can’t get Zion’s spectacular views of red-rock canyons and waterfalls anywhere else. Zion is a paradise for experienced hikers and climbers, but there are a variety of trails for beginners as well.

Use this guide by Outside to help plan your visit to Zion.

3. Redwoods

Take a trip to the northernmost coastal area of California to see the tallest trees in the world. Redwoods National Park is actually made up of four parks and is a great place to visit anytime throughout the year. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time at this natural wonder.

Check out Spend Life Traveling for more tips on visiting Redwood.

4. Lake Clark

Despite being one of the least visited National Parks, Lake Clark is still often considered one of the best amongst travelers who have seen them all. You must take a plane or a boat to get there, but this Alaskan park has glaciers, volcanoes, and forested coasts you need to see to believe. Check out Renee Roaming’s blog for more information on this national treasure.

5. Glacier

Located along the US/Canada border in Montana, Glacier National Park is named for the remnants of glaciers from the ice age and is also home to a UNESCO World Heritage site. You can even see aurora borealis at any time during the year. To help plan your trip, check out this travel guide.

For more travel tips on exploring the National Parks, check out 5 Best National Parks in the USA to Visit Now by The Wright Way.


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