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The Best Things To Do in Agra, India

Although Agra, India is known for its iconic mausoleum, the Taj Mahal, there's plenty of other things to do and places to see for all kinds of travelers. Use our travel guide to help plan a trip to Agra and make sure you don't miss out on the top things to do.

The Taj Mahal at sunrise. Photo: Alamy

The Taj Mahal

A trip to Agra isn't complete without seeing India's most famous monument. Make sure to get there early to avoid the seemingly never-ending crowds.

Agra Fort

This UNESCO World Heritage Site has been standing since 1565 and it's conveniently located near by the Taj Mahal. This historic fort stands on an ancient site and is a stunning example of Mughal architecture.

Mehtab Bagh

Also known as the "Moonlight Garden", this park is directly across the Taj Mahal and offers alternative views of it and isn't as crowded. The garden complex was destroyed but has been reconstructed and is a great way to see the Taj Mahal while avoiding crowds and the entrance fee.

Get Street Food at the Sadar Bazaar Market

This neighborhood hosts some of the best street food in Agra, including kachori, samosa, and besan ka cheela. Don't leave without trying Agra’s famous petha, a sweet chewy candy made of pumpkin.

Tomb of Akbar the Great

This tomb is the last resting place of Akbar the Great, who's considered to be the most influential Mughal emperor. The architectural style is extremely impressive and is surrounded by gardens.

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