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The Best Things To Do in Osaka, Japan

1. Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium The Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium is the second largest aquarium in the world and it offers a permanent exhibition, an interactive exhibit, and a night aquarium. The permanent exhibition consists of a facility centered around the massive “Pacific Ocean” aquarium with 14 other aquarium exhibits placed around the main aquarium based on their locations on the pacific rim. On the top floor of the building there is a “Japan Forest” and as you walk down the steps of the building you enter a tunnel style fish underpass Aqua Gate aquarium. After 5 P.M. the aquarium shifts into night mode where the music and lighting change to create the illusion of the deep sea under the moonlight creating a beautiful and mystical sight.

2. Osaka Castle Osaka Castle is located in Osaka Castle Park with the Nishinomaru Garden surrounding it. For only 600 yen (5.57 USD), you can climb the eight stories to the top of the castle which provides an amazing 360 degree view of the city.

3. Himeji Castle Himeji Castle is the largest and most visited castle in Japan. It is about an hour train ride from Osaka at a hilltop in the city of Himeji. The castle dates back to 1333 and has a brilliant white exterior and is said to resemble a bird taking flight.

4. The World Exposition Memorial Park The World Exposition Memorial Park is the perfect way to spend a day because it covers 264 hectares containing open lawns, Japanese gardens, museums, and bikes that can be rented to travel around the park.

5. The American Village The American Village is the epicenter of the creative, laid-back youth culture of Osaka and it is filled with street art, food, galleries, cafes, vintage clothing, second hand books, and record stores. The village is basically the Brooklyn of Osaka and a must see for artists and creatives.

Bonus - Explore Dotonbori Osaka is famous for its eccentric nightlife that is centered around Dotonbori, a long street that runs along the Dotonbori canal. Both sides of the canal are filled with illuminated billboards, restaurants, theaters, and nightclubs. check out this area if you love the “going out” scene.

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