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COVID Safe Things to Do in NYC for the Holidays

This holiday season, it can be hard to find covid-friendly activities to do with your loved ones. To spread the holiday cheer, let me take you through an all inclusive guide to the best things to do in NYC this winter. Experience the winter wonderland with us!

1. Go ice skating at Rockefeller Center

Ice skating under the staple NYC Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center is a quintessential winter activity. At only about $30.00 a ticket, it is easy and fun to skate around with your family and friends. The Rink at Rockefeller Center has a long and interesting history behind it, making it the perfect place to have fun and learn at the same time! The repurposed sunken plaza became an ice skating rink in 1936 on Christmas day. Beginning as a temporary attraction, it became so popular that it was continued as a permanent addition. With the Prometheus statue and the Rockefeller Christmas Tree in the background, The Rink is home to one of the most familiar backdrops of the world.

Ice skating rink Rockefeller Center

2. Drink a Blossoming Hot Chocolate from Dominique Ansel Bakery

This little cafe in Soho is perfect for a quick bite when you visit the city. Owner, Dominique Ansel, is a world renowned French-American pastry chef. One of their most popular bakery products is called the Cronut; a cross between a croissant and a donut, invented by Dominique himself. Another popular item is the warm Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot; a cookie shaped into a shot glass filled with chilled Tahitian vanilla milk. You can sip the milk, then eat the cookie! Another bakery item that I am eager to try is the Blossoming Hot Chocolate. This creation was first introduced in their Tokyo shop and immediately went viral. The hot chocolate is homemade and the chef's secret recipe. A beautiful marshmallow flower is placed on top of the drink and makes every sip absolutely dreamy. I would suggest pre-ordering these goodies since they are in such high demand.

3. Check out the holiday window displays

The iconic Christmas window displays are a must see when visiting the city during the holidays. The windows at Bloomingdale's are typically unveiled late November prior to Black Friday sales. These displays are always decked out with decorations sure to put you in the Christmas spirit! Next, you have to visit the window displays at Bergdorf Goodman. These displays are unique in the sense that they always feature antiques and couture fashion in perfectly designed scenes. If you're interested in a more family friendly window display, Saks Fifth Avenue's displays are typically designed around a children's book or movie featuring playful animations. They also feature an impressive light show on the side of their building that visitors are sure to enjoy throughout the evening. The last window display that you can't miss is the Macy's display. These displays are typically seen as the most iconic of all the displays as visitors can actually interact with the displays by touching and even holding conversations with some of the characters within the displays.

4. Go to the LuminoCity Festival

LuminoCity Inc. is a multimedia entertainment company that bridges the gap between reality and virtuality. The LuminoCity Festival is a month long holiday event with an exhibition of spectacular light shows and performances, sure to entertain the whole family. Walk through the bridge of lights and take in the miraculous world of color before your eyes. The festival takes place from November 27th, 2020 to January 10th, 2021 in Randall's Island Park, New York. General admission is around $38 and all tickets must be purchased online prior to the event. Due to the current state of the pandemic, LuminoCity has implemented various Covid-19 protocols to make sure everyone attending the event remains safe and healthy. These rules include wearing a mask at all times, temperatures checked at the door, maintaining mandatory six feet between parties, and regular sanitization.

LuminoCity Festival nyc

5. Winter Village at Bryant Park

The Winter Village at Bryant Park is the perfect place to walk around, shop, eat, and enjoy each other's company in a festive setting. Be sure to stop by the European-inspired open air market shops from artisans all over the world. When you're done shopping around, stop by the ice skating rink for another fun winter activity. Getting chilly? Grab your friends and revel inside one of the cozy Igloos. These Igloos make for a perfect winter experience as they are enclosed, warm, and surrounded by skyscrapers. Check out the Curling Cafe for a fun dining experience. Online, you can reserve a family package which includes a carafe of hot chocolate, chicken fingers and fries, and brownie pops. If you're looking more for an adults-only package, you can reserve one with a carafe of wine or bucket of beer, beef sliders with fries, and brownie pops. With several different activities at the Winter Village, there is no shortage of activities for everyone.

How are you safely celebrating the holidays this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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