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Top Travel Photos of February

Even if you can't travel right now, reminiscing over past vacations is a sure way to boost your serotonin. Our daily submissions allow us to take a look into places all around the world that are best suited for photography. These pictures are not only beautiful to look at, but inspire us to book our next travel destination. Every submission was absolutely breathtaking, but we want to show off some of our February favorites.

1. Nevşehir, Turkey

Name: Uzi

Instagram: @thedreamingidealist

Currently, Turkey is one of the few countries that is allowing American citizens during Covid-19. If you're looking for countries that are open for travel, check out our blog featuring top destinations around the world!

2. Temple of Apollo, Greece

Name: Samantha

Instagram: @lavienvol

I think we can all agree that Greece is a dream destination. If you're looking into Greece for your next vacation, read our blog featuring the Best Greek Islands to Visit before you book your flight.

3. Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Name: Sophie

Instagram: @travelwith__

Arizona is known for beautiful canyons, mountain ranges, and national parks. If you're interested in traveling somewhere like Antelope Canyon, check out our blog on The Best National Parks in the U.S. for similar travel destinations.

4. Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Name: Ally

Instagram: @allydeleon_

South America is home to some pretty incredible sights. Interested in more South America destinations? Check out our blogs centered around the best places to visit in South America.

5. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Name: Brandy

Instagram: @heybrandyrae

Who doesn't love a great beach vacation? Mexico is home to some of the most beautiful beaches around the world and, most places in Mexico are currently open to American citizens. Looking for a Mexico destination with more city life? Check out our blog on 5 Things to do in Mexico City.

Each submission to Daily Travel Destination is so beautiful it's difficult to choose our favorites. We encourage you to continue sending in your pictures from top destinations around the globe as they inspire ideas for our next trip and help to cure a little of our wanderlust.


We can't thank you enough for your submissions!

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