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  • A 5 Day Guide To The Amalfi Coast

    Don't miss out on this charming beach town! If hiking and swimming isn't your thing - enjoy a relaxed lounge day by the ocean at the Marameo beach Grab a bottle of wine from the beach mini mart and lay out on the sand. The beach on Spiaggia Grande is owned by L’Incanto. From the Capri City Center, the bus is your only option.) 1pm Head to La Fontelina Beach club.

  • Local's Guide to the Bahamas

    The Bahamas - a stunning strip of islands with crystal blue waters, sunny beaches, and of course, the In fact, me and my friend rode jet skis right to the Pig Beach and Iguana Cay! Day Trips 1. Pig Beach This is probably the most popular tourist attraction of The Bahamas. I’d recommend taking a boat to see these little guys since this is a bit farther away than Pig Beach. also take a jet ski to the Iguana Island from Staniel Cay – I combined this trip with the one to Pig Beach

  • A Local Twist on Oahu, Hawaii

    I highly recommend you grab the spicy garlic shrimp then head to the west side beaches. Local Gems Support local by attending the Island's farmers' markets and visiting hidden beaches. Stop by a local farmers market before the beach to grab fresh food and gifts for your loved ones. The locals come to this beach to fish and enjoy quiet time with their families. Electric Beach- One of the best spots on the island for snorkeling.

  • Top Travel Photos of February

    Playa Del Carmen, Mexico Name: Brandy Instagram: @heybrandyrae Who doesn't love a great beach vacation Mexico is home to some of the most beautiful beaches around the world and, most places in Mexico are Each submission to Daily Travel Destination is so beautiful it's difficult to choose our favorites.

  • The Best Things To Do on The Big Island, Hawaii

    want to trek on snow covered mountain tops, wander through lava fields, or relax on a volcanic sand beach Visit the Black Sand Beaches There are many stunning black sand beaches on the Big Island, including: Since Punalu’u is a beach park, there are various beach facilities like lifeguards and bathrooms. See beachside mansions, cliffside views, jungle shadows, and more.

  • 8 Best Restaurants in Tulum

    If you eat on the hotel zone on the beach, be prepared to pay a pretty penny for most dining experiences Villa Las Estrellas - This hotel meets relaxed beach club actually has a charming little restaurant with great food with great prices (for the beach at least). Low key, great food, and seating on the beach. This reminded me of being inside a Mamma Mia movie. It's SUPER cheap (not being on the beach helps) and the food is amazing.

  • The 5 Best Places to See Near Perth

    One of the Many Beaches Thanks to its adjacent location to the Indian Ocean, Perth has many beaches with Cottesloe Beach is one of Australia’s most iconic beaches, but other popular destinations include Mullaloo Beach, Scarborough Beach, and City Beach. Check out this post by SkyScanner for more recommendations and what each beach is best for. 3. Rottnest Island is also a great day trip for those looking to go snorkelling, relax on the beach, or

  • The Most Instagram Worthy Spots in Lake Tahoe

    There’s a steep but short hike down to the beach from the parking spots. Sand Harbor Beach Sand Harbor is the largest alpine lake in North America known for its white beaches Hidden Beach Hidden Beach is free and easy to find without too far of a trek but contrary to its name , the beach is far from hidden at this point. It's best to arrive at the beach in the early morning or late afternoon in order to get a parking spot

  • The Top 5 Things To Do in Cape Town, South Africa

    The Cape of Good Hope is the southwestern most point of the African continent and is full of gorgeous beaches Boulders Beach Visiting Boulders Beach is a once in a lifetime experience you won’t want to miss. Not only is this soft white sandy beach perfect for swimming, having a picnic, or just relaxing, but Summer is prime time to see these amazing animals roaming the beach. 4.

  • The Best Greek Islands To Visit

    Whether you're looking for rich history and culture, wineries, hikes, a laid-back beach vibe, a party Best Greek island for nightlife: Mykonos Mykonos has picturesque towns, luxury shopping, and a vibrant beach Best Greek islands for beaches: Paros, Kefaloniá, Zakynthos, Ios Although you pretty much can't go wrong with choosing any Greek island for its beaches, these four are often considered some of the best. glittering turquoise water and white volcanic sand, these islands have a variety of popular scenic beaches