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  • Best Hostels in Europe for Solo Travelers

    The hostel scene in Europe is more vibrant and abundant than ever, which is why we've rounded up this list of the best hostels in Europe. Wombat’s City Hostel - London, England ($$$) Wombat’s Hostels is a chain of top-rated hostels throughout Europe Out of the thousands of hostels in Europe, these are some that go out of their way to provide phenomenal

  • A 5 Day Guide To The Amalfi Coast

    Currency As the rest of Italy, the Amalfi Coast uses the Euro. As of August 2019, 1 Euro equals 1.11 USD. Get a time accurate estimate here.

  • How To Spend 7 Perfect Days in Stockholm, Sweden

    packed days, take your third day in Stockholm to view the different neighborhoods and to dive into the European Stockholm gets a bad reputation for being one of the most expensive cities to travel to in Europe. Be mindful that Tele2 does not operate all over Europe, so if you're traveling outside of Sweden, you

  • London Travel Guide

    Windsor In comparison to other European palaces such as Versailles and Schönbrunn, Windsor castle takes

  • Venice Bucket List: 8 Experiences to Have in The Floating City

    Take a private water taxi into Venice For around 100 Euros per way, take the thirty minute ride through A thirty-forty minute ride ranges from 80 to 120 Euros per gondola depending on the time of day.

  • 7 Things You Can’t Forget to do in Madrid, Spain

    When I dreamed of traveling to Europe, I envisioned standing awestruck in front of the sparkling Eiffel in Madrid, because not only is it stunning inside and out, but it’s also the largest royal palace in Europe

  • Top 5 Things To Do in Salzburg, Austria

    funicular, don’t miss out on the impressive scenery overlooking the city and the largest medieval castle in Europe

  • 5 Best Things To Do in Croatia

    located on the southern coast of the Croation island, Brac, and is listed as one of the top beaches in Europe

  • Top 5 Things To Do In Positano, Italy

    international clubbing for 40 years and it is one of the leading clubs for location and music programming in Europe

  • Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting Paris

    Naturally, when the chance arose to go to Europe, I immediately knew Paris had to be on my list. However, this is one of my favorite cathedrals in Europe and is a must-see if you're visiting Paris after Currency: Euros (1 euro = about $1.11) Get an up-to-date conversion here. However, if you're not leaving France to move onto another European country and/or will be staying over If you're coming from another European country and looking for a phone plan there, check out Vodafone